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SSC CGL 2023 Tier 1 General Awareness 7

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This is the General Awareness section of SSC CGL tier 1, held on 17 July 2023 2nd shift. Complete the test in 10 mins.

Practice well.

SSC CGL 2023 General Awareness 7

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What was the function of an officer called Samaharta?

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What is the product formed when CH3CH2OH reacts with 02

  1. H2O + heat
  2. CO2 + H2O + heat and light
  3. CO2 + H2O + light
  4. CO2+ heat and light

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Which of the following systems of the Delhi sultanate had a influence on the Bahmani and Vijayanagar kingdoms?

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Which of the following is another name for starch found mainly in the pulp of seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stems of plants, especially in corn, potatoes, wheat and rice?

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This event is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Christ. Identify the event.

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Seismograph is used to measure:

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The Second Five-Year Plan (1956-61) had a major goal of achieving which of the following targets ?

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Which of the following pairs of musicians and their instruments is INCORRECT ?

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Which of the following reforming societies believed Vedas to be the fountain of all the knowledge?

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Which of the following chemicals is used as a preservative to slow browning and discolouration in foods and beverages during preparation, storage and distribution?

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Which is the national fruit of Bangladesh?

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Changai dance is associated with which Indian state?

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Which of the following amendments to the Indian Constitution made the Right to Property a Legal Right in place of a Fundamental Right?

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Who led the English army in the Battle of Buxar?

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Which of the following countries has hosted the three Asian Games?

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Which of the following countries won the highest number of gold medals in the Tokyo Paralympic 2020?

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Which part of the Constitution of India contains the provisions of Union Executive?

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In February 2021, through which of the following cases did the Supreme court rule that in the cases when the Juvenile offender is under 18 years and above 16 years, he/she should be remitted to jurisdictional Juvenile Justice Board?

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Who was hailed as a resident dancer of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam for her unique contribution to the promotion of classical dance forms?

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What is the name of the scheme launched to fund infrastructure and social development projects in the Northeast for a period of four years from 2022-23 to 2025- 26 ?

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An annual statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the government over the fiscal year is known as___________.

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Which of the following is the closest wild relative of domestic cattle protected in some of the famous national parks of India like Nagarhole and Bandipur?

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The chemical formula of propene is:

  1. C2H4
  2. C3H4
  3. C3H6
  4. C2H2

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In January 2022, who was named for the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy for ICC Women's Cricketer of the Year?

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President of India, Droupadi Murmu presented the___________ of the Digital India Awards on 7th January 2023 in New Delhi.

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