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SSC CGL Tier 1 Mathematics 4

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This is the Mathematics section of SSC CGL tier 1, held on 14 July 2023 3rd shift. Complete the test in 20 mins.

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SSC Mathematics test 4

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The current ages of Sudhir and Ashish are in the ratio 5 : 7. Twelve years ago, the ratio of their
ages was 1 : 2. What will be the age of Sudhir after five years from now ?

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Two friends P and Q simultaneously start running from same point around a circular track. They run in the same direction. P runs at 6 m/sec and Q runs at b m/sec. If they cross each other at exactly two points on the circular track and b is a natural number less than 6, then how many values can b take?

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The average of 36 numbers was found to be 45. Later, it was detected that 84 was misread as 48.
Find the correct average of the given numbers.

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If sin 23° = a/b, then the value of sec 23° - sin 67° is _____.

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An inlet pipe can fill an empty tank in 140 hours while an outlet pipe drains a completely-filled tank in 63 hours. If 8 inlet pipes and y outlet pipes are opened simultaneously, when the tank is empty, then the tank gets completely filled in 105 hours. Find the value of y.

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What is the central angle corresponding to the sector indicating the expenses incurred on Health?

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A and B have some toffees. If A gives one toffee to B, then they have equal number of toffees. If B
gives one toffee to A, then the toffees with A are double with B. The total number of toffees with
A and B are ________.

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The volume of a cone is 73920 cm³. If the height of the cone is 160cm, then find the
diameter of its base.

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Jehangir had to cover a distance of 90 km in an hour. During the first 25 minutes he travelled at a speed of 15.2 metres per second. How many metres did Jehangir cover per second during the remaining period to reach his destination just on time?

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Solve the following expression.

[7 + 30 ÷ 6 - (6 + 6) + 7]

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AB is the diameter of a circle with centre 0. P be a point on it. If  ∠AOP = 95°, then ∠OBP= _________.

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Virat can complete a work in 30 days and Daniel is 60% more efficient than Virat to complete the
same work. Find the total time taken by Daniel to complete the work.

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A's efficiency is twice that of B's. A can work only for 8 hours a day while B can work for 12 hours a day. If A can finish a work in 12 days, in how many days can B finish the same work?

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Which of the following statements is INCORRECT ?

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A dealer professing to sell his goods at cost price uses 950 grams weight for 1 kg. His gain
percentage is: ( rounded off to two decimal places)

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Simplify the following expression.

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If sec² Q + tan² Q = 25/18, then the value of sec4 Q – tan4 Q is:

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A man invests a total sum of f10,000 in a company. A part of the sum was invested at 10% simple interest per annum and the remaining part at 15% simple interest per annum. If the total interest accrued to him in two years equals f2,400, the sum invested at 15% simple interest per annum is:

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In an office, a typing work can be finished by Monika in 6 hours, Anita in 8 hours and
Manju in 5 hours if they work alone. How much time (in hours) will they take if they work together?

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What is the value of sin 30° + cos 30° + tan 30°

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In an election between three candidates, Arjun, Bhaskar and Sarai contested for a post. Arjun got 50% votes more than Sarai, and Sarai got 2% votes less than Bhaskar. The difference between the votes of Bhaskar and Sarai is 1296. What is the half of the difference between the votes of Arjun and Bhaskar?

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A trader allows a 20% trade discount and a 30% cash discount. If the list price is 1,200, then the
selling price (in Rupees) is:

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If X + 1/X = 7, then the value of X6 + 1/X6 is:

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