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SSC CGL 2023 Tier 1 General Awareness 3

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This is the General Awareness section of SSC CGL tier 1, held on 14 July 2023 2nd shift. Complete the test in 10 mins.

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SSC CGL 2023 General Awareness 3

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In January 2022, which State Government has extended its integrated initiative for the empowerment of persons with disabilities (PwDs) — the Bhima Bhoi Bhinnakhyama Samarthya Abhiyan (BBSA) – for the next five years?

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When was the International Day of the Girl Child 2021 celebrated?

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The venue of the 2020 Olympic Games was _________.

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Who among the following was defeated in the battle of Chanderi in 1528?

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Which of the following options conveys the meaning of the word ‘Republic’ in the
Indian Constitution?

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Which of the following was established in Bombay in 1875?

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In which of the following States/Union Territories were the 36th National Games held?

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Pathans in North-West India organised the society of Khudai Khidmatgars, popularly known as Red Shirt, under whose leadership?

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Select the FALSE statement from the given options.

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Who among the following was the author of the play ‘Mrichchhakatika’?

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Which of the following is a Tibeto-Burmese language?

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___________ is the process of complete or incomplete oxidation or hydrolysis of fats and oils when exposed to air, light, moisture, or bacterial action that spoils food.

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Who holds the authority of transferring judges from one High court to another High Court?

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Guru Bipin Singh, a Nrityacharya awardee, Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee and Kalidas Samman awardee, was renowned for promoting which classical dance form?

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The Kanchenjunga peak is located in which sub-division of Himalaya from the

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Before the rise of the modern industrial system, Indian exports consisted chiefly of
manufactures like________.

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Fisher’s quantity theory is explained by his famous equation given as ________.

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In which two consecutive years was there no chief guest at the Republic Day
celebrations of India?

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What will be the atomic number of an element X which is placed in period 2 and group 17?

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Which of the following is the red algae?

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KA Najeeb Vs Union of India case deals with violation of rights under____________.

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Daskathia of _________ is the tribal dance performed by two males depicting the
historic and Puranic events.

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When did Linus Carl Pauling receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for ‘his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its applications to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances’?

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According to IBEF 2021, the Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks _____ in the world on the basis of volume.

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Which of the following musical instruments were played by the musicians such as Shakoor Khan and Pandit Ram Narayan?

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