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SSC CGL 2023 Tier 1 General Awareness 9

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This is the General Awareness section of SSC CGL tier 1, held on 17 July 2023 4th shift. Complete the test in 10 mins.

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SSC CGL 2023 General Awareness 9

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What is the child sex ratio in India in the 2011 Census?

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Which of the following statements are correct regarding the Centre-State Relations pertaining to the three lists of the Indian Constitution?

A. The subjects which are not included in any of the three lists are called Residuary subjects.
B. lf there is any conflict between the Union List and the State List, then the former prevails.
C. When the Parliament enacts a law on the request of two or more states, then that law made by the Parliament on the State List is applicable to all the states.

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Haryana government announced ______ to provide support to women entrepreneurs, on International Women's Day 2022.

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Which country will host the 2031 Cricket World Cup?

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Who was behind publishing the first News Paper in India?

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The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to the Constitution of India, upon the recommendations of which of the following committees?

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What happens to the atomic size as you go down the group?

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'BFSI' stands for Banking, Financial Services and _____ in India. It is a broad term for industries that offer financial products and services.

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Borgeet is associated with which Indian classical dance form?

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How many umpires are on the ground during the cricket match?

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Padma Shri awardee in 2022, Arjun Singh Dhurve, is a tribal dancer of which of the following dance forms?

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Who among the following was the slave-general of Alauddin Khilji, who led his army in the battle against Ramachandra of Devagiri?

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The musician Sivamani is associated with which musical instrument?

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Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra and Vir Chakra are presented during the celebration of which day?

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If the government revenue expenditure exceeds revenue receipt, it is called:

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Ashoka sent a mission to spread the principle of Dhamma led by his son, Mahendra and daughter, Sanghamitra to

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Which group of rivers is a part of the peninsular drainage system?

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For which discovery did William Bradford Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Houser Brattain jointly receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956?

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What helps making the acidic food alkaline that is coming from the stomach?

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Match column A with column B.

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On 7 November 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended and offered prayers at celebrations of the______ Prakash Parv of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at New Delhi.

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Schools and hostels under the Ministry of Education's Samagra Shiksha scheme will be renamed after:

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Which of the following hill stations do NOT experience snowfall in winters?

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Nana Sahib, a rebel at Kanpur was the son of which of the following Peshwas?

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Intensive agriculture implies _____.


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